Ways To Be a Good Friend

Ways To Be a Good Friend

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Learn to Listen

Balance the art of offering advice. At times we all just need someone we trust to lend an ear and aren’t necessarily looking for the perfect answer. If you always tell your friend how to fix her problems, the relationship will be unbalanced. You become the One Who Knows All, and she becomes the One Who Is Troubled. Eventually you’re both going to tire of those roles. Maintain dialogue with your friends – don’t turn every conversation into a lecture.

Be Happy for Your Friend

When something good happens to your friend – be genuinely happy for them.
Sometimes this may be harder to do than it sounds, especially if you are feeling a little bit jealous. However, just as a friend may need a shoulder to cry on, they also need someone in times of success.

Small Stuff Can Be Big

You don’t have to go to great lengths—throwing a surprise party or giving an expensive gift—to show your friends you love them. There is really nothing better than when a friend remembers the small stuff, like your favorite beverage at Starbucks or tuning up your favorite song really loud. It is always the little details that stand out.

Make Time

Adults need to work harder to see their friends. When you are young and in school you see your friends every day, but once you’ve graduated and are in adulthood it’s time to make an effort to see your friends.

Mix it Up

Bring your friends together. Sometimes you have different social groups - your school friends, work out buddies and longtime pals. Once in a while try hosting a gathering that brings them all together. Friendships benefit from a breath of fresh air.

Ideas for Getting Together

1. Plan a shopping date and don’t forget to include time for lunch and a cocktail.
2. Go to the spa.
3. Host a girl’s night in – serve delicious food and keep the dress code comfortable.
4. Make it a movie night. Get together with a few gal pals and see the latest romantic comedy.
5. Get active! Take group golf lessons, plan a tennis date or invite a friend to go running with you.

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