Party Like a Yogi

Party Like a Yogi

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There is something about the summer that motivates me to work out. The warm evenings and sunny skies give me the energy to be out and about. One of my favorite ways to work out is yoga. The fact that I get together with my friends for some tapas and occasionally a glass of wine afterwards might have a lil' something to do with my affinity for yoga! But who's watching ... right?

Here I’ve put together a foolproof plan for ways to "party like a yogi" ... or in other words ... "party healthily." Parties don't have to be full of fatty foods and sugary drinks. This is proof. So here is everything you need to get your yogi party started! Just follow the plan

The Menu
Kale Walnut Pesto
Bruschetta - Fig, Strawberry, + Edamame
Pineapple Peach Smoothie
Avocado Pudding (We suggest never telling your guests about the avocado. They will never know!)
The Prana (Cocktail)
Pineapple Quinoa Salad

All recipes can be found on

The Scene
We wanted this party to look hip and modern. To accomplish this look we used a dark wood table accompanied by white porcelain serving platters and kraft card stock details! 

To set the yogi mood, instead of name cards, we set out place cards with inspiring words at each seat. We asked guests to sit at the place setting that "spoke" to them most! It was so fun to see where people sat!

Another really entertaining thing we asked our guests to do was to write their favorite quotes on our kraft paper table runner! There were some really good ones! To display our menu, we covered photos already in my house with some kraft paper and wrote each of the menu items on each of the photos.

The Take Home Gift
You can't send your guests home empty handed. It's poor form. For our guests, we packaged up some of our Kale Walnut Pesto in these super cute jars. We taped Namaste Jar Toppers on the top for the finishing touch!

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